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DrainGuard Catcher

DrainGuard Catcher

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Why Our DrainGuard Catcher?

Efficient Drain Protection: The DrainGuard Hair Catcher is designed to effectively trap any debris that could potentially clog your shower or sink drain, ensuring smooth water flow.

Easy Installation and Removal: With its user-friendly design, this hair catcher can be easily installed and removed as needed, making maintenance a breeze.

DrainGuard Catcher - Qeepin 

Waterproof Adhesive: Featuring a strong waterproof adhesive, this hair catcher stays securely in place for several weeks without leaving any residue when removed.

Universal Size: Measuring 10x10cm, the DrainGuard Hair Catcher fits most standard shower and sink drains, providing comprehensive coverage.

Product Information:

  • Size: 10x10cm
  • Adhesive: Strong waterproof adhesive for long-lasting use
  • Material: Mesh
  • Function: Prevents hair and debris from clogging drains

Package Includes:

  • Multiple Disposable Shower Drain Catchers (Quantity based on packaging)

Our DrainGuard Hair Catcher offers a simple yet effective solution to prevent clogged drains, ensuring a clean and hassle-free shower or sink experience. Keep your drains clear and water flowing smoothly with this convenient hair catcher.

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